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Distribuciones Intermedia Occidente

company specializaed in national and international distribution


Distribuciones Intermedia Occidente is a  company specializaed  in  national and international distribution  . We adapt to the needs and products of our clients and assist them in the breakthrough and opening of  new markets .We offer  them support in comercial, legal and financial requirements and may serve as a launching platform for their products .

Intermedia Occidente ; our experience , trust fidelity and compromise at your service n


We distribute our own products , prepare launching campaigns , assign targets and carry out due dilligence and market reasearch for our clients. We offer our “ Boost Service” targeted at manufacturers of dental and pharma products from around the world.

who may be interested in entering opur traditional markets , with more than 15 years experience and and over 500 clients 

The Iberian península is currently our territory of influence, and we are currently expandig operations to Africa .

Over 500 clients in the last 15 years have been succesfully attended , fidelity and compromise mark our path.

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C/ Edgar Neville N 33 , 28020 Madrid España



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Experience , trust fidelity and compromise